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ICGN Viewpoint on Boards and Climate Change

Contributor: Karina Litvack

Please make time to read this paper produced by Karina Litvack, founder of the World Economic Forum's Climate Governance Initiative, for the ICGN (International Corporate Governance Network - the largest and oldest international professional association of institutional investors focused on governance) on the role of NEDs in addressing climate change.  

It focuses specifically on what investors should do to ensure boards better understand investor expectations, and therefore raise their game in the boardroom.  

It includes a practical section on “Questions investors should ask boards”, and was also the subject of a very popular webinar with investors just prior to this.

We are hoping this will have an impact in driving up the quality of investor engagement on this topic, and in particular drawing attention to the particular role of the non-executives.

ICGN 15 July 2020 Viewpoint Board of Dir
Download • 224KB

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