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About Our Logo



The purpose of this design is to identify, represent and differentiate the Climate Governance Malaysian chapter.




The logo is composed of two main visual elements: the Hornbill and the Leaves, representing fauna and flora respectively.


As CG Malaysia represents the Malaysian chapter of a worldwide initiative, the Hornbill (more specifically the Rhinoceros Hornbill) was selected to represent our local fauna due not only to its distinctive silhouette, but also their cultural significance to Malaysians. 


The Hornbill in the logo can be seen unfurling its wings, which resemble two overlapping leaves, representing flora. 


Both Flora and Fauna play an important role in our ecosystem, and are severely impacted by climate change.




The logo incorporates several cool green tones with two contrasting warm tones highlighting the Hornbill's casque (often referred to as the horn).


Often, logos and visuals for environmental companies incorporate bright blue and green tones together, symbolising health, vitality, serenity and calm. The proposed design combines these two colors into 4 cooler hues as seen on the Hornbill's main body and the Leaves.


For the casque, a vibrant yellow and orange gradient was selected to instill a sense of urgency in the viewer. As many people and businesses do not pay significant attention to their environmental impact, it is important for viewers to understand right away that climate change affects all of us, and that immediate care and action can and must be taken to ensure a better future.




A serif typeface was selected for this logo. Serif typefaces are often used by brands, companies and initiatives looking to portray an air of establishment and sophistication. The typeface selected aims to offset the youthful colors of the logo.

Screenshot 2021-01-11 at 12.17.27 PM.png

As a freelancer with a background in graphic design and digital marketing, I specialize in both character art and content creation. My preferred media are Photoshop and a pen stylus, but for smaller pieces, I’ve recently been experimenting with modern art apps such as Procreate and IbisPaintx on the iPad. Working with the Climate Governance Malaysia team to create their logo has been a wonderful experience, and I loved coming up with the visuals and rationale behind the art to align with the cause and identity.

Anna Azhar, Designer

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