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The Hornbill Award - 2021 finalists

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

The inaugural CGM Hornbill Awards 2021 are well and truly underway. By the ominous Friday the 13th deadline, we received a total of 21 applications from across Malaysia.

As many of the applications had strong merit, our judging panel had the difficult and unenviable task of shortlisting the top six from a pool of very worthy proposals that would progress to the finals that will take place virtually, on 26th September at Climate Week New York.

Each application was scored objectively based on four criteria: Project Impact, Planned Project Execution, Experience & track record, and Other beneficiaries (externalities). The top ten applicants were subsequently subjected to a due diligence screening process undertaken by our event partner, PwC.

We are delighted to announce the top six finalists of the inaugural CGM Hornbill Awards 2021.

Project title: Helmeted Hornbill protection: a community based project

Project location: Tawau, Sabah

Project name: Bringing Back Our Rare Animals

Project location: Sabah, but hope to expand to Peninsular Malaysia

Project Title: Community-led Habitat Management of the Pendas & Pulai River Estuaries

Project location: Mukim Tanjung Kupang, Gelang Patah, Johor

Project title: Conservation of marine megafauna in Malaysia

Project location: Sabah

Project title: Mapping the marine ecosystem connectivity corridors on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia

Project location: Near coastal areas off the East coast of Peninsular Malaysia

Project title: Biodiversity and educational site construction

Project location: Cameron Highlands, Pahang

Congratulations to all the finalists! We look forward to hearing all about your proposed projects at the grand finale at Climate Week New York on September 26th.

Don’t miss the event – RSVP now and block your calendar

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All the best on your team's spectacular conservation efforts on restoring rare wild life.. ..Go BORA!🦏




Uzair Masdan
Uzair Masdan
Sep 26, 2021

Go bora.... ❤️❤️


Rachel Sj
Rachel Sj
Sep 25, 2021

Very proud of what BORA has achieved. Good luck to the team! And congratulations to all the selected finalists!


Max Donysius
Max Donysius
Sep 21, 2021

Great job & all the best Dr John, Dr Zainal, and the BORA team.

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