Asia-Pacific Climate Digest: Issue #41 Week 2, Jan 2022

Compiled by Ms. Purnima Joshi

As we ushered in the ‘new’ year, South-East Asia was witnessing extreme weather with Malaysia providing USD336Mn in cash aid and other forms of relief for those hit by severe flooding. Negative environmental impacts of climate change continue to be felt and seen around the world; in some regions, the effect of climate change on mental health is less immediately obvious or visible. While the link between climate change and currencies may not be apparent, with many Asian countries being both importers and exporters of fossil fuels, their commitments to reduce carbon emissions will have knock-on effects on their current account and thus currency strength.

And there’s lot’s more, so happy reading!


Extreme weather in South-East Asia is a harbinger of worse to come

The Economist, 1st Jan 2022

On December 16th, Typhoon Rai made landfall in Siargao in the south-eastern Philippines. With sustained winds of 195kph and gusts of up to 240kph, the storm barged westward and slightly northward, the eye making eight more landfalls in the Philippine

archipelago. Read further ...

Thousands more evacuated as fresh floods hit Malaysia, 3 Jan 2022

Malaysia says it will provide $336.22 million (1.4 billion ringgit) in cash aid and other forms of relief for those hit by severe flooding this month. Read further ...


The Energy Transition in Central Asia: Drivers, Policy and Opportunities, 30 Dec 2022

Central Asia has sizeable deposits of gas and other natural resources. Turkmenistan has the sixth-largest proven gas deposits in the world,1 and Kazakhstan has significant deposits of oil and coal.

Is India missing the green hydrogen bus?

SundayGuardian, 1 Jan 2022

As India struggles to put wind and solar farms and dabbles with electric vehicles, the world is securely and surely moving onto an era of green hydrogen. Read further ...

Severe climate risk threatens 40 per cent of global fossil reserves

Eco-Business, 5 Jan 2022

Nearly half of the world’s fossil fuel reserves are vulnerable to extreme weather brought on by climate change, according to an assessment published last month by risk consultancy Verisk Maplecroft. Read further ...


Climate Anxiety Poses A Mental Health Risk Unless We Keep Talking About It, 2 Jan 2022

As the climate changes, negative environmental effects are being felt and seen around the world.

The effect that climate change has on mental health is less immediately obvious or visible. Read further ...


‘Regional conflicts impediment to climate cooperation’

The News, 30 Dec 2021

"The conflict-ridden trajectory of the relationship between the two largest countries of South Asia is the biggest impediment in making meaningful progress on addressing the issue of climate change in the region" Read further ...