Asia-Pacific Climate Digest: Issue #29 Week 1, Oct 2021

Compiled by Purnima Joshi

With countries limping back to some semblance of normalcy in what may be now termed as the post-Covid era, there’s lots happening across the region as COP26 approaches, to happen in Glasgow end of this month. This issue reflects so much that’s happening across various aspects of life and in different countries - ensuring ‘climate justice’ through workshops conducted, launch of more financial initiatives in the form of investment products, and funds to support low-carbon economic development, countries across the world are made conscious of the need to phase out use of coal power, studies being conducted to assess impact of climate change, and hydropower dams on the continent’s waterways, protesters joining the worldwide youth climate action, and students exceling in climate action communication - world leaders once again using global forums like the recent UN General Assembly to address the matter of climate change, and Malaysia pledges to spend and set green goals in its economic plan for the coming five years.

Stay tuned as COP26 approaches and even after, as things heat up for different countries and realization for urgent action comes about. Happy reading!


Ensure ‘climate justice’ for migrants

The Daily Star, 23 Sept, 2021

Speakers during a two-day workshop stressed on significant strides in social, economic and political dimensions to address issues of climate vulnerabilities and ensure "climate justice" for migrants.

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Bloomberg Philanthropies and Goldman Sachs Deploy $25 Million to Advance Clean Energy Solutions in South and Southeast Asia

CSR Wire, 23 Sept 2021

Today, Bloomberg Philanthropies and Goldman Sachs announced the launch of the Climate Innovation Fund to support sustainable low-carbon economic development with a focus on South and Southeast Asia to increase the pace, scale, and ambition of climate solutions and

contribute to the clean energy transition.

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Climate Change challenges: India’s need for coal

The Global Herald, 22 Sept 2021

Countries around the world are being told they must agree to phase out the use of coal power, to prevent catastrophic global warming.

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RBI joins climate change fight

Times Of India, 25 Sept 2021

Banks received a clear message from the RBI last week — climate change is a risk to financial firms and there is a clear case to act early to ensure an orderly transition. This message came from RBI deputy governor M Rajeshwar Rao

in a speech at a conference on green and sustainable

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China Joins Lower Mekong River Countries to Study Impacts of Climate Change, Dams

VOA News, 24 Sept 2021

China and the countries of the lower Mekong River are teaming up for their largest joint study yet of the impacts climate change and hydropower dams are having on one of Asia's great waterways, and how to cope with the growing threats from floods and drought.

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Philippines’ youth call for systemic change at climate protest

The Guardian, 24 Sept 2021

A monstrous effigy of Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte was paraded through the country’s capital Manila on Friday as protesters joined a worldwide youth climate action.

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