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Asia-Pacific Climate Digest Issue # 20 : Week 5, July 2021

Compiled by Purnima Joshi.

The floods that struck the central city of Zhengzhou in China last week gave urban planners a foretaste of future disasters. Scientists had warned for years that the climate crisis would amplify extreme weather, making it deadlier and more frequent and these latest catastrophes came as a reminder that the threat could hit much closer to home than some may have thought. Growth in recent decades has created urban sprawls that covered floodplains with impermeable concrete. Coping with future calamities will depend on building infrastructure, notably flood prevention and drainage systems. China has also been looking for more natural, low-impact solutions to solve its growing flood vulnerability.

Not only in China, but similar harsh weather conditions with flooding in Philippines and India are covered in this issue as also a 50% increase in deaths expected due to drowning; Singapore is exploring partnerships to capture and store carbon dioxide as part of low-carbon push, with Bank of Japan’s Kuroda calls for 'learning by doing' approach on climate change; and while global warming may limit spread of dengue fever, it also affects the biological control agent for mosquitoes. The recent Asia-Pacific Climate Week concluded that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in South-East Asia form the backbone of Asian economies and have a crucial role to play in tackling climate change in the region.

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Singapore exploring partnerships to capture, store carbon dioxide as part of low-carbon push: Tan See Leng

CNA, 27 July 2021

As Singapore lacks suitable known geological formations needed to store carbon dioxide permanently underground, it is exploring partnerships with companies and other countries to do so .

Vietnam welcomes efforts by UN centre for preventive diplomacy in Central Asia

Vietnam Plus, 27 July 2021

Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, head of Vietnam’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, has appreciated efforts made by the UN Regional Centre for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia (UNRCCA) and its special representative Natalia Gherman

to promote preventive diplomacy in Central Asia, thus

contributing to peace, stability and development in the region.

ADB climate scheme benefits Kingdom

The Phnom Penh Post, 20 July 2021

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has announced that their six-year pioneering regional technical assistance initiative has helped reduce the threat posed by climate change to public health in Cambodia.


Gene editing – A tool to tackle climate change and to achieve food security in Asia Pacific

The Northlines, 26 July 2021

There are about 688 million people undernourished in the world, of which 351 million – more than half — live in the Asia- Pacific region. Further, there are growing concerns that the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic may have undone whatever gains were achieved towards food security

in the region. Read further ...


India: On the frontline of climate change

The Straits Times, 25 July 2021

Swathes of India are battling deadly floods and landslides after heavy monsoon rains, just the latest example of how the vast country is on the frontline of climate change.


'Once in a thousand years' rains devastated central China, but there is little talk of climate change

CNN, 23 July 2021

As record heat waves hit western North America and deadly floods swept Germany, the growing risks associated with climate change have grabbed headlines, and prompted widespread discussions in the West.

Devastation of floods in China are foretaste of a dire future, say climate experts

Independent, 24 July 2021

The catastrophic floods that struck the central city of Zhengzhou during the past week have given China’s urban planners a foretaste of future disasters.

Climate change: US pushes China to make faster carbon cuts

BBC, 20 July 2021

US climate envoy John Kerry has called on China to increase the speed and depth of its efforts to cut carbon.

Without sufficient emissions reductions by China, Mr Kerry said, the global goal of keeping temperatures under 1.5C was "essentially impossible".

Taiwan’s Climate Change Action on Trial for the First Time

The News Lens, 23 July 2021

Taiwan says it wants to do more to contribute to the global fight against climate change, but environmental groups are questioning the government’s resolution in court.. Read further ...


Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises are Crucial for Climate Action in South-East Asia

Mirage, 21 July 2021

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in South-East Asia form the backbone of Asian economies and have a crucial role to play in tackling climate change in the region.

This is the key conclusion of an event recently held in the

context of Asia-Pacific Climate Week, organized by UN

Climate Change and partners.


Fidelity steps up climate and diversity demands on investee companies

CityWireSelector, 26 July 2021

Fidelity has published its sustainable investing voting principles and guidelines document, to introduce new global policies on climate change, the asset manager has announced.

BOJ's Kuroda calls for 'learning by doing' approach on climate change

CAN, 27 July 2021

Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said on Tuesday the central bank will roll out steps deemed important for dealing with climate change, and stand ready to modify them as needed.


Global Warming May Limit Spread of Dengue Fever, But Also Affect the Biological Control Agent for Mosquitoes: Study 21 July 2021

Global warming could limit the spread of dengue fever but could also affect Wolbachia as a biological control agent, according to new research.

Researchers, at the Pennsylvania State University in the US, found that infection with the bacterium Wolbachia, which

has recently been used to control viral infections in

mosquitoes, also increases the thermal sensitivity of the


Food Production Is As Dangerous for the Planet As Fossil Fuels

Brinknews, 19 July 2021

The loss of biodiversity and natural habitats is becoming a major risk for companies. As climate breakdown and forest loss feed off one another, they increase the likelihood of natural disasters and the unleashing of zoonotic diseases such as COVID-19. Businesses everywhere are increasingly vulnerable.



‘We must rise to the biggest economic challenge of our times: creating good jobs for everyone'

Reuters, 15, July 2021

Climate Related Disasters Could Increase Deaths From Drowning By 50%

Forbes, 23 July 2021

Philippines evacuates thousands as monsoon rains flood cities, provinces, 24 July 2021

Climate change, overfishing threatens food security in poorer countries: study

CTV News, 24 July 2021

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CGM's Asia-Pacific Climate Digest is compiled by communications consultant Purnima Joshi.

With over two decades of experience in corporate communications, Purnima combines her skills in creative and communication along with her passion for working for the community.

She has worked on a multitude of projects in waste management, circular economy, building active citizenship in the community, some of which have won awards.

These also include a project on building climate resilience for UNICEF as well as some award-winning projects. She has been associated with several NGOs in an advisory capacity for over 10 years.


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