July 2020

The warming of the Earth’s climate has brought the issues of physical climate risk, climate adaptation and resilience-building to the forefront of corporate attention.

Acclimatise, a specialist advisory and analytics firm focussed on physical climate risks, has partnered with law firm MinterEllison to produce this Guidance for Chapter Zero’s Non-Executive Director community to address this need.

This Guidance provides a set of key questions that Non-Executive Directors can use to hold informed and strategic discussions around physical risks with their boards and senior management.

The Guidance also provides a concise overview of the current state of the science regarding climate change. Aimed specifically to assist Non-Executive Directors, this Guidance is drafted to provide a foundational input across all sectors.

Strong oversight and accountability can help to ensure that corporates institute the best governance processes and mainstream consideration of climate change at the appropriate levels throughout the business.

The following are 9 key questions to help Non-Executive Directors in their governance and oversight of corporate responses to physical climate risks and opportunities:

The full report by Acclimatise, Minter Ellison and Chapter Zero is available online here.

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