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Change Management Toolkit

Establishing how each company can build resilience and contribute to the UK target of net-zero emissions by 2050 presents a complex set of issues for boards.  Our members have been asking for a practical tool to help with this thinking. 

Chapter Zero has teamed up with consultants Eden McCallum to produce the latest in its series of toolkits intended to arm non-executive directors with the resources and knowledge they need to respond to the climate challenge.

Our members tell us that“companies can set out an ambition and get climate change onto the board agenda, but then they often struggle to move to the next stage of defining strategies and making them happen.”

11 principles have been gleaned from the case studies of companies already advanced in their climate change journeys.

Chapter Zero’s new toolkit, Principles and Frameworks for Climate Change Strategy and Action, includes frameworks and case examples, and builds on tried and tested approaches to business transformation challenges.  

Julie Baddeley, Chair of the Chapter Zero Steering Group, says,“We are delighted to present this practical guide to tackling the changes to business demanded by climate change and the net-zero transition. This toolkit further equips Chapter Zero members, following on from the initial guide to assessing where your company is on the journey.”

Liann Eden from Eden McCallum points out that“climate change should be treated as a major strategic issue for almost every company.  The risks posed by physical changes and changing regulation, along with the resilience of the company to deal with shocks in customer demand and supply chains, are boardroom issues. Climate change is not an add-on to business strategy, it should be embedded in the strategy.” 

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