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Thank you for joining us at the Energy Efficiency session today.

@ZAINI4EEdotCOM Channel shared with us a number of opportunities we can take action on immediately, but the keys to enduring success are:

1) Commitment from the top

2) Holistic energy management (involves everyone in the organisation) that is systemic and sustainable

3) Measuring our baselines, setting targets, monitoring results for continuous improvement.

Here are the slides that @ZAINI4EEdotCOM Channel shared. Also uploaded into the participants' materials here.

3 Energy Efficiency - Zaini Abdul Wahab
Download PDF

A number of you had requested for the ability to copy the chat messages. We will look into updating this setting for our future webinars. In case we are unable to change the setting, what I recommend in future is that you click on the link in the chat box to launch the webpage, and then bookmark it on your browser for your future reference. [FYI: the document above includes the hyperlinks to the incentives shared by Zaini during his presentation.]

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