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Invitation to Attend the Climate Governance Initiative Global Summit

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

Climate Governance Initiative Global Summit (23-26 March 2021),

in collaboration with the World Economic Forum

It gives me great pleasure to (re)-introduce you to the Climate Governance Initiative (‘CGI’), and to invite you and your network to attend our inaugural Climate Governance Initiative Global Summit.

As you’ll recall, the CGI community is composed of Non-Executive Directors and subject matter experts, organised in national associations (“Chapters”), whose purpose is to promote the adoption of the World Economic Forum’s Principles for Effective Climate Governance.

They do this by mobilising, educating and equipping their members with the necessary skills and knowledge to address climate change at board level. There are currently eight established chapters*, and many more have plans to launch at the Summit or shortly thereafter.

Noting the interest you’ve expressed in the past regarding Climate Change and Sustainability, I am delighted to invite you to our Global Summit, which will be held across multiple time zones from 23-26 March 2021.

It will convene board members, regulators, experts (including investors), academia and other corporate governance leaders. The content will be curated to be relevant to boards of directors, enabling them to act upon the risks and opportunities that the climate emergency poses to the long-term resilience and business success of their companies.

To access the Summit programme and to register please visit

Should you wish to hear more about the Initiative, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,


Founder, Climate Governance Initiative

* Existing Chapters include Chapter Zero Brussels; Chapter Zero Canada; Chapter Zero France; Chapter Zero Italy; Climate Governance Malaysia; Climate Governance Initiative Russia; Chapter Zero Switzerland; Chapter Zero (UK).

Additional chapters currently in formation include: Africa (South Africa, Ghana); the Americas (Brazil, Central America, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, USA); Europe (Central & Eastern Europe, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, the Nordic region, Poland, Ukraine); Australasia (Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore).

Appendix 1 Flyer CGI Global Summit
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