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Climate Governance - Malaysia's Global Impact, Local Solutions.

From the halls of Putrajaya to Corporate Malaysia to grassroots initiatives - what does effective climate governance look like? In this episode, Melisa Idris speaks to Dr Gary Theseira, Director and Council Member of Climate Governance Malaysia, an advocacy group working with boardrooms on the climate action agenda.

Key points

- The discussion centers on effective climate governance driving policies and actions in Malaysia.

- Dr. Gary Theseira explains the global framework of climate governance, emphasizing collaboration among countries and key agreements like the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement.

- National climate governance involves aligning policies with global targets, encompassing both mitigation and adaptation measures.

- The interview explores Malaysia's progress in translating international climate agreements into national policies, highlighting the role of transparency.

- Various stakeholders, including the private sector, civil society, and the public, contribute to climate action.

- The interconnectedness of climate issues with supply chains, corporate practices, societal awareness, and education is discussed.

- Anticipation for COP28 includes addressing longstanding issues like climate financing and emerging challenges such as technology distribution.

- Concerns about the complexity and transparency of climate funds and agreements are raised, emphasizing the need for clarity and accountability.

- Dr. Gary Theseira concludes by highlighting Malaysia's potential regional leadership in climate action and the importance of collective efforts.

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