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Climate Governance Malaysia: A Year of Progress and Sustainability in 2023

Updated: Jun 25

In 2023, Climate Governance Malaysia (CGM) saw a significant rise in successful events such as the National Climate Governance Summit (NCGS) and a productive palm oil plantation roundtable, alongside the CGM Masterclass Series. These initiatives have sparked increased awareness and discussions on climate governance.

CGM emerged as one of the top-performing chapters in the World Economic Forum’s Climate Governance Initiative global network, according to an independent survey, underscoring its effective strategies and impact.

Financially, CGM experienced impressive growth with income soaring to RM555,194, a remarkable 192% increase from RM190,378 in 2022. This growth was driven by substantial contributions from the NCGS, sponsorships, and recovered doubtful debts.

The surplus generated from the NCGS allowed CGM to allocate RM140,000 to two NGOs through the 2023 Hornbill Award.

Despite higher event-related costs and office expenses, CGM achieved a net surplus after tax of RM30,180 (compared to RM32,340 in 2022), demonstrating improved fundraising capabilities and efficient operations. Office and secretariat expenses represented 17.9% of total income in 2023, down from 23.9% in 2022.

These results underscore CGM's commitment to sustainable growth and effective financial management. Ending the year with no long-term liabilities and RM82,752 in cash (compared to RM52,572 in 2022), CGM aims to further promote renewable energy, develop robust climate policies, and enhance community engagement in pursuit of a sustainable future for Malaysia.

Click here to view the 2023 Annual Financial Statement.

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