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Climate And Environmental Governance: Let’s put nature at the heart of our climate plans

I am hopeful that the upcoming COP 28 climate summit will give nature the role it deserves in our fight against climate change.

The COP 28 Presidency’s Action Agenda is ambitious and to the point, with a focus on fast-tracking the energy transition by slashing emissions before 2030. Importantly, the agenda will centre on nature, people, lives and livelihoods, thus recognising the intrinsic link between climate change, nature loss and inequality.

And we have no time to lose.

In October 2023, we saw yet again new heat records on air and sea temperatures as well as sea ice recession, prompting scientists to raise the alarm over a million species currently on the brink of extinction. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization highlights that around three-quarters of edible crops depend fully or partially on natural animal pollinators, making food production undeniably at risk when insects and mammals are in danger.



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