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Asia-Pacific Climate Digest Issue #42: Week 4, Jan 2022

Compiled by Purnima Joshi

The past couple of days featured news of US and China reaching a joint declaration which gave political impetus to controlling methane by 2030. Also, a recent study revealed that China is projected to invest the equivalent of US$75 trillion (487 trillion yuan) in carbon neutrality financing over the next 30 years. And green hydrogen to get cheaper by 2030 as China drives policies favoring clean fuel to control emissions whilst Asia-Pacific renewables’ cost increased during 2021.

Closer to home and in South-East Asia, Singapore focused on discussions in parliament towards helping citizens seize green jobs, making the country a green financing hub and fighting greenwashing. However, Malaysia and Philippines started recovery from the recent typhoons and floods that ravaged parts of the countries causing great damage and disruption.

And there’s lots more, so Happy Reading!



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Why women’s leadership is key to climate action

Eco-Business, 19 Jan 2022

At the COP26 climate summit, the leaders of Estonia, Tanzania and Bangladesh were the first to sign the Glasgow Women’s Leadership statement, calling for countries to support the leadership of women and girls on climate action at all levels of society and politics. Read furthet ...

Global Briefing: Asia's richest man plots $76bn green infrastructure blitz, 14 Jan 2022

All the top green business news from around the world this week, including 2021 emissions bounce-backs, Germany's new clean power targets, and fresh pressure on European companies to boost their decarbonisation plans. Read further ...

Regulation to be key driver of green economy and its transition

BusinessTimes, 19 Jan 2022

REGULATION is going to play a key role in driving the green economy and the transition towards it in the next 5 to 10 years, opines Singapore Exchange's (SGX) Sustainability & Sustainable Finance head - and businesses need to decide if they want to make the changes necessary to capture the opportunities, or

risk being left behind. Read further ...


Asia-Pacific renewables costs 'increased' in 2021, 11 Jan 2022

Asia-Pacific’s levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) for renewable electricity broke historical trends and rose in 2021, but still gained ground against fossil fuel power, according to analysis by Wood Mackenzie. Read further...

Climate change: green hydrogen to get cheaper by 2030 as China drives policies favouring clean fuel to control emissions

South China Morning Post, 13 Jan 2022

Green hydrogen, the expensive clean energy, could get cheaper by as much as three-fourths over the next decade as China cranks up investments for clean energy under its long-term climate-change commitments. Read further...


How will China control its methane emissions?

Eco-Business, 10 Jan 2022

The US–China joint declaration has given political impetus to controlling methane by 2030. The focus will be on monitoring and calculating emissions, and on policy measures.

A middle path to net-zero emissions in developing Asia

Straits Times, 15 Jan 2022

Being forced to choose between environmental disaster or economic collapse is, in effect, no choice at all. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) offers a solution by complementing renewables and serving as a transition to net-zero energy. Read further...


Study forecasts China investment of $75 trillion in carbon neutrality, 11 Jan 2022

China is projected to invest the equivalent of US$75 trillion (487 trillion yuan) in carbon neutrality financing over the next 30 years, representing five times its 2020 national output, according to a

December 2021 study by a consortium of government, academic

and private-sector experts. Read further...


Cities and the climate data gap

Eco-Business, 14 Jan 2022

The devastating effects of climate change are bearing down on cities. For adaptation and decarbonisation to work, municipal leaders need to devote resources to the collection of better climate data and use them in the right way. Read further ...


Environmental Issues Take Precedence in ASEAN’s Sustainable Finance Taxonomy

The Diplomat, 12 Jan 2022

The first version of the bloc’s classification system would facilitate investment in environmentally sustainable activities, but human rights are not yet on the table.

Growing green talent, green finance and combatting greenwashing among MPs’ suggestions for climate action

ChannelNewsAsia, 12 Jan 2022

Helping Singaporeans seize green jobs, making the country a green financing hub and fighting greenwashing were among the topics raised in a debate on a parliamentary motion that was passed on Wednesday (Jan 12). Read further ...

How the Merlion could be flooded by rising seas

Straits Times, 15 Jan 2022

The Straits Times Through The Lens exhibition opened on Saturday (Jan 15) at the National Museum of Singapore.

As the Philippines faces a rise in deadly super typhoons, Southeast Asia is bearing the burden of climate change

South China Morning Post, 15 Jan 2022

Filipinos are as tough as they come. Yet nowhere else on Earth must contend with as many typhoons and storms as the Philippines – and climate change is making the problem worse.

The Looming Environmental Catastrophe in the South China Sea

The Diplomat, 14 Jan 2022

Much of the focus on the South China Sea over the past decade has centered around the nationalistic territorial disputes between China and four Southeast Asian claimants and a geopolitical tussle between China and the United States over freedom of navigation in the contested waters. Read further ...


South Asian Air Pollution: A Pressing Concern for the Himalayas

myRepublica, 19 Jan 2022

After high blood pressure, dietary risks, and smoking, air pollution is the fourth utmost risk factor for human health globally, and 6.5 million premature deaths are associated with it.


Ozone harms East Asian crops, costing $63 bln a year, scientists say

Reuters, 18 Jan 2022

Fossil fuel emissions aren’t just driving climate change and worsening air quality, they’re also hurting crop yields enough to cause some $63 billion in annual losses in East Asia, scientists say. Read further ...


Green Pulse Podcast: Climate dictionary - What does adapting to climate change mean?

Straits Times, 17 Jan 2022

The Straits Times analyses the beat of the changing environment, from biodiversity conservation to climate change.

Listen here ...

The Climate Conversations - S2: In Malaysia, will historic floods bring climate adaptation even more clearly into focus? | EP 60

Channel News Asia, 14 Jan 2022

At least 50 people died and thousands more saw their homes washed away in recent floods that hit Peninsula Malaysia. Could more have been done on flood management? How can politics, finance, data and technology come together to deal with more frequent, intense and potentially unpredictable storms? Listen here ...


Making climate change fashionable with eco-conscious choices | Video

Channel News Asia, 17 Jan 2022

Read here...

Climate change will limit choice for Winter Games hosts, says study

ChannelNewsAsia, 19 Jan 2022

The tiny transistor with a huge role in the fight against climate change

Straits Times, 16 Jan 2022

Why the volcanic eruption in Tonga was so violent, and what to expect next

AsiaPacificReport, 16 Jan 2022

‘Not enough water’: Cambodia’s farmers face changing climate

Al Jazeera, 14 Jan 2022


CGM's Asia-Pacific Climate Digest is compiled by communications consultant Purnima Joshi.

With over two decades of experience in corporate communications, Purnima combines her skills in creative and communication along with her passion for working for the community. She has worked on a multitude of projects in waste management, circular economy, building active citizenship in the community, some of which have won awards. These also include a project on building climate resilience for UNICEF as well as some award-winning projects. She has been associated with several NGOs in an advisory capacity for over 10 years.


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