Asia-Pacific Climate Digest: Issue# 39 Week 4 Dec 2021

Compiled by Purnima Joshi

The Asia-Pacific region is slowly coming around to accepting the inevitability of extreme weather events due to climate change. And some action is afoot in different sectors and businesses towards sustainable development and green business.

COP26 may have had climate deniers but it certainly did get Asian companies in global supply chains, IT and banking sectors to seek to lower their carbon footprint. Singapore, Thailand, and the rest of the region, are seeking for governments and businesses to work together in the post pandemic future with emphasis on ESG practices to tackle climate change. Though as of now, the path towards net zero is quite unclear.

COP26 may have had most countries make climate commitments but who will judge their climate plans remains a rhetorical question!

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More companies in Asia seek carbon offsets after COP26, says industry exec

The Edge Markets, 10 Dec, 2021

Asia's demand for carbon offsets is picking up as more companies in global supply chains, IT and banking sectors seek to lower their carbon footprint, following the COP26 November Glasgow Climate Pact, the head of Asian exchange said

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Path to net zero still unclear, say Aussie super funds

Asian Investor, 9 Dec, 2021

In the wake of COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference in November in Glasgow, UK, companies are starting to draw up short-term carbon emissions targets.

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Who will be the judge of countries' climate plans?

Channel News Asia, 12 Dec 2021

Countries have until the end of next year to ensure their climate commitments meet the Paris agreement's cap on global warming. But who will check that their promises really do stack up?

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Industry Voice: Establishing a more sustainable Asia investment

Investment Week, 10 Dec, 2021

Fidelity Sustainable Asia Equity Fund portfolio managers Dhananjay Phadnis and Flora Wang review how the region is measuring up in today’s world where more emphasis is rightly being placed on sustainability practices.

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Governments, businesses need to work together to tackle climate change: Lawrence Wong

Channel News Asia, 9 Dec 2021

Even as Singapore continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, it also needs to plan for a post-pandemic future where climate change will be a major challenge, said Finance Minister Lawrence Wong on Thursday (Dec 9).

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Adapt or else

Bangkok Post, 13 Dec 2021

Climate change is known to be an existential threat for humanity worldwide. Clear evidence of the challenge is the increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events, at a high cost to the global economy.

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Companies Are Responding to Climate Change: What About Yours?, 17 Dec 2021

While the cleaning industry spent the last year focused on the pandemic, 2021 has also presented enormous environmental and weather-related challenges.

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