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Asia-Pacific Climate Digest Issue # 17 : Week 2, July 2021

Compiled by Purnima Joshi

On the one hand, demand for coal continues across Asia despite soaring fossil fuel prices, and on the other, countries in the region recognise the need to harness new technologies to capture and store the carbon emitted by the fossil fuel industry. There is an urgency to discard the business-as-usual approach if climate change has to be addressed. Apart from looking at innovative technology to tackle climate change, means such as SDG accelerator bonds are being promoted by ADB to attract private financing to support green, resilient and inclusive recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and meet UN Sustainable Development Goals. Meanwhile, the green advocacy group Greenpeace has urged governments to ensure that energy plans and projects would take into consideration the current climate change crisis.

In this issue of the Asia-Pacific Climate Digest, we feature articles on the pressure of EU's climate neutrality law on Asia, soaring coal use in Asia, climate conversations ahead of COP 26, new technologies to tackle climate change, sizzling temperatures in New Zealand this summer, the release of insurance company AXA’s sixth climate report, and more.

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Carbon capture technology an important pillar for Southeast Asia to tackle climate change, say experts

Channel News Asia, 5 Jul 2021

Countries in Southeast Asia will need to harness new technologies to capture and store carbon emitted by fossil fuel industries if they want to reach their future climate change goals, according to experts.

Millions more in Southeast Asia face sea level rise risks than previously thought: Satellite imagery study

Channel News Asia, 7 Jul 2021

Huge swathes of land are closer to sea level across Southeast Asia than previously realised, highlighting the flood dangers faced by millions, according to a new study using advanced satellite imagery.


EU’s 205- climate neutrality law ups pressure on Asia

The Asset, 5 Jul 2021

The European Union’s adoption of the European climate law on June 28 codifies its goal of reaching climate neutrality – that is, bringing greenhouse gas (GHG) emission down to zero .


Unrelenting Coal Demand Poses Challenge to Climate Goals

Bloomberg Green, 2 Jul 2021

Coal prices across Asia are surging to records, underscoring a challenge for governments seeking a faster energy transition: the dirtiest of fuels they’re racing to phase out is enjoying booming demand.


Addressing climate change requires discarding the business as usual approach

The Indian Express, 2 Jul 2021

On the journey to the UN Climate Conference at Glasgow (CoP 26), numerous interventions are being proposed to either stop or slow down global warming.

Climate change link as New Zealand registers warmest June on record

Channel News Asia, 6 Jul 2021

New Zealand recorded its hottest June on record as temperatures continued to soar in a pattern consistent with global warming, a government scientific agency said on Tuesday (Jul 6).

Heatwaves a deadly reminder for world to act on climate change

South China Morning Post, 3 Jul 2021

Summer is little more than a month old in the northern hemisphere and temperature records are already tumbling. An unprecedented heatwave has killed dozens of people in western Canada and the northwestern United States.


This is how climate change could impact the global economy

World Economic Forum, 28 Jun 2021

The global economy could lose 10% of its total economic value by 2050 due to climate change, according to new research.


AXA publicises latest climate report

Insurance Business Asia, 30 Jun 2021

AXA announced the publication of its sixth climate report. The report fulfils legal requirements for non-financial reporting, as well as the voluntary approach of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TFCD).


EAM Jaishankar calls for resourcing solutions to address climate change problems

ANI News, 30 Jun 2021

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar on Wednesday called for the resourcing of solutions to address the problems of climate change at the India Global Forum 2021.


ADB proposes SDG accelerator bond for green infrastructure

The Asset, 2 Jul 2021

The Asian Development Bank is promoting the use of the SDG accelerator bond to attract private financing to support a green, resilient, and inclusive recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and meet the United Nations’ Sustainable

Development Goals (SDGs).


How food production emissions are harming health, 2 July 2021

While increased agriculture production has reduced hunger, it is also linked to unhealthy diets and increased emissions that are severely affecting human health, says a study.


Advancing together in Asia and the Pacific, 2 Jul 2021

Integrated approaches for climate-resilient development supported by UNDP are improving lives and livelihoods – and protecting the planet – as nations race to address the climate crisis


The sea taking back reclaimed bay areas

Philstar Global, 4 Jul 2021

Climate Emergency! Global Sea Level Rise To Put 410 Million People At Risk by 2100: Study, 2 Jul 2021

Climate crisis to turn Manila, other Asian cities into bodies of water

Nation, 30 Jun 2021

Tens of millions sizzle in India's severe heatwave

Channel News Asia, 2 Jul 2021

Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2021 Kicks Off

Scoop World, 6 Jul 2021

Climate change to pose bigger test for newsroom leaders than Covid-19: World Editors Forum president

Straits Times, 5 Jul 2021

India plants millions of saplings during annual campaign

Daily Sabah, 4 Jul 2021


CGM's Asia-Pacific Climate Digest is compiled by communications consultant

Purnima Joshi.

With over two decades of experience in corporate communications, Purnima combines her skills in creative and communication along with her passion for working for the community.

She has worked on a multitude of projects in waste management, circular economy, building active citizenship in the community, some of which have won awards.

These also include a project on building climate resilience for UNICEF as well as some award-winning projects. She has been associated with several NGOs in an advisory capacity for over 10 years.


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