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5 January 2021

CGM is starting the new year with a brand new logo plus a compelling line-up of webinars. Read this newsletter here.

3 Dec 2020

Watch the recording and details of upcoming webinars here.

23 Nov 2020

Alerts on free webinars including award-winning humanitarian YBhg. Tan Sri Dr Jemilah Mahmood, Advisor to the Prime Minister, who will be sharing her views on the climate emergency and how the region needs to focus on increasing resilience. Read this newsletter here.

16 Nov 2020

The world is just a decade away from its 2030 deadline to deliver on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), yet just 60% of the financing needed to achieve the SDGs in emerging markets is being met. Do we have the potential for a sustainable leapfrog to address the sustainability challenges and capture the opportunities that come from managing risks effectively and driving mitigation efforts? Sign up for webinars which will make you an informed director here.

6 Nov 2020

We need to press ahead with the renewable energy transition, find out how in our upcoming webinar. And sign up for complimentary passes to The Economist's inaugural Climate Risk Asia Week conference. Read more here.

16 Oct 2020

This is a really packed month. Already onto our second newsletter and plenty of webinars and resources for you. Take a look.

5 Oct 2020

Read about CGM's 3 new initiatives!

14 Sept 2020

Promoting CGM's showcase during Climate Week New York!

7 Sept 2020

Sign up here for CGM's showcase during Climate Week New York! Only 2 weeks away.

3 August 2020

Read here about CGM's showcase during Climate Week New York, upcoming webinars and a guide for non-executive directors.

13 July 202

Integrating ESG risks and climate risk workshops.Read more here.

22 May 20

Climate Governance Malaysia has organised and is promoting 5 upcoming webinars. Read more here.

7 May 2020

CGM at the All Party Parliamentary Group Malaysia on Sustainable Development Goals. Read more here.

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