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In January 2019, the World Economic Forum issued a whitepaper "How to Set Up Effective Climate Governance on Corporate Boards: Guiding Principles and Questions" to provide such guidance. Dissemination of this material to high level executives is crucial to ensuring swift adoption of climate change preventative actions by corporations. Climate Governance Malaysia, as the country chapter, was the second Climate Governance Initiative chapter in the world to be launched, first in Asia Pacific, and since then has made significant inroads in raising awareness of the climate crisis as being a top financial risk to businesses.

Climate Governance Malaysia is delighted to share that our annual Chairperson Masterclass Series is back and we are honoured to have a line-up of esteemed speakers who will be joining us this year. We cordially invite your Chairperson [accompanied by one non-executive director] to join one of 7 closed-door sessions of Chairperson Masterclass, hosted by CGM council members.

Climate change is no longer a distant threat, but a reality that businesses must face head-on. As the leaders of public listed companies, Chairs of Boards have a critical role to play in ensuring that their organizations are prepared for the challenges and opportunities that climate change presents. The CGM masterclass series is designed specifically for Chairs of Boards who want to deepen their understanding of critical climate issues such as biodiversity, circular economy, carbon pricing, etc. Attending these masterclasses will provide Chairs of Boards with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions that will not only help their organizations become more sustainable, but also increase their resilience to climate-related risks. By participating in this series of masterclasses, Chairs of Boards will be able to take meaningful action on climate change, enhance their reputation as responsible corporate citizens, and create long-term value for their organizations and stakeholders.

This is an invitation only event. Your attendance is not confirmed upon registration. We will be in touch shortly once attendance is confirmed. Capacity for this event is highly limited, so please do nominate your attendees promptly.

Session 1:                                                                                               Session 2: 

Scaling Up the Circular Economy                                                          The Concept of Double Materiality

by Ashleigh Morris                                                                                   by Phang Oy Cheng

CEO and Co-Founder of COREO                                                            Head of Sustainability Advisory Services KPMG

30 June 2023                                                                                            3 August 2023

Securities Commission                                                                            Securities Commission

Session 3:                                                                                                            Session 4: 

The Business of Biodiversity: Why It Matters to Your Company          Leadership Navigation: Carbon Pricing   

by Helen Crowley                                                                                     by Wendy Mackay 
Partner - Pollination                                                                                 Managing Director of Pollination          
13 Oc
tober 2023                                                                                       8 November 2023     
Securities Commission                                                                             Securities Comm


Session 5:                                                                                               Session 6: 

The New Era of Board Duties                                                                  Managing Scope 3 Emissions

by Philippe Joubert                                                                                  by Benjamin McCarron    

CEO of Earth on Board                                                                            Founder, Managing Director       

16 November 2023                                                                                   Asia Research & Engagement

Venue: FIDE FORUM                                                                                 28 November 2023 

                                                                                                                   Bursa Malaysia

Session 7:                                                                                               

Reporting under the TCFD Framework

by Arina Kok

Partner - Climate Change and Sustainability Services  , EY 

4 December 2023

Securities Commission

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