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Round Table: Property Sector Fourth Session

Property & Construction Sector Roundtables: Can Malaysia Achieve Net Zero Carbon by 2050?

Roundtable 4: Fireside Chat with Ministry of Housing and Local Government

The recording of the session is available here. Register for the Roundtable series here and read about past Roundtable events here. If you have any recommendations we should consider, do submit them to us online via this Google Form.


This session was part of a series of Round Table conversations between the government and private sector to discuss the policies which would help align our interests and goals in increasing national climate ambition.

On 27 July 2021, CGM and CEO Action Network convened the fourth Property & Construction roundtable session on net zero pathways for Malaysia. This final session was a Conversation with the Ministry of Housing & Local Government (KPKT).

The keynote address for this event was delivered by Deputy Secretary General (Policy), Ministry of Housing & Local Government (KPKT). It was followed by a fireside chat moderated by Climate Governance Malaysia (CGM).

The panellists for the session included:

· Datuk Dr. Mary Wong Lai Lin, Deputy Secretary General (Policy), Ministry of Housing & Local Government (KPKT)

· Dato' Soam Heng Choon, President of Real Estate & Housing Developers' Association (REHDA) Malaysia

· Dato' Seri Johan bin Raslan, Founding Member of Climate Governance Malaysia (CGM) and Steering Committee Member of CEO Action Network (CAN), Moderator

Snippets from the Fireside Chat

All sectors have to work together in particular in synergising of government and private sectors. One of the challenges faced is bringing everyone together to understand that it is not just the governments’ role, everyone has a role to commit towards the low carbon agenda to make it a reality- Datuk Mary, KPKT

At the end of the day, we need awareness drives to embrace the green agenda to create a pull factor. We need to ramp up education and awareness for the developers to enhance green aspects of projects while ensuring equal returns. We also to educate the buyers and end users, there is a lack of awareness on the life cycle benefits of living in a green building/ low carbon city- there is lack of pull factor from the buyers- Dato' Soam, REHDA Malaysia


Low Carbon Cities in Malaysia oleh Datuk Dr Mary(84)
Download PDF • 4.26MB

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