Life On Land: Conservation efforts in Malaysia
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Jason Khaw Soon Hoe

Climate Governance Malaysia

currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. His interest in conservation started in 1991 in Malaysia. He had volunteered for WWF Malaysia on several projects and was involved in several other NGOs, including the Malaysian Nature Society. He founded the largest online charity website in Malaysia in 2000 - Soon Hoe is an experienced corporate professional in the banking and chemical sectors

in Malaysia, Germany and Australia. His home in Melbourne is equipped with roof-top solar panels, a rainwater collection tank and a worm farm.

Dr Felicity Oram

PONGO Alliance

is a conservation practitioner and behavioural ecologist specialising in wild orangutan survival in altered habitats. As the Project Director of PONGO Alliance - Kinabatangan, she works collaboratively with oil palm growers to facilitate orangutan conservation in the human-transformed landscape of Eastern Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. In 2018, Felicity completed her PhD study at Universiti Malaysia Sabah in collaboration with a local community conservation team (HUTAN - Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Programme - KOCP) to produce a comprehensive assessment of wild orang-utan survivorship in the degraded forests of the lower Kinabatangan River floodplain of Sabah.

Dr Zubaid Akbar Mukhtar Ahmad

Malaysian Cave & Karst Conservancy

has been teaching and conducting research at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia from 1984 until 2017 and was appointed as Professor in Mammal Ecology in 1999. Together with Dr. Tigga Kingston, Dr. Zubaid was involved in the setting-up of the Malaysian Bat Conservation & Research Unit (MBCRU) in 2001 which is now affiliated to the South East Asian Bat Conservation and Research Unit (SEABCRU). Since retiring in 2017, Dr. Zubaid has been actively involved in the Malaysian Cave and Karst Conservancy (MCKC) since its inception in 2015 and has been president since 2018.

Yeap Chin Aik

Malaysian Nature Society

graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM, Bangi) with MSc in Conservation Biology and has worked for the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) for 20 years (2000-2020). Currently the Lead Investigator/Co-Founder of the MNS Hornbill Conservation Project and also the Senior Conservation Officer/Project Manager in the MNS Conservation Division in the Secretariat (Kuala Lumpur).  He has published several articles on various birds/bird conservation in popular form (BirdingASIA, Malaysian Naturalist, Hornbill) and scientific journals (Malayan Nature Journal, Raffles Journal of Zoology, Journal of Raptor Research) and has co-authored four books to date.  He  is currently pursuing his PhD in the Faculty of Forestry, University Putra Malaysia (UPM).

Dr Ros Fatihah Mohammad

Malaysian Cave & Karst Conservancy

is Vice President of the Malaysian Cave & Karst Conservancy, and a senior lecturer in the Department of Geology, University Malaya. Dr. Ros is a Quaternary scientist who has been working on karst geomorphology in Peninsular Malaysia since 1995. Her current research involves collaborative work on cave/sinkhole mapping, karst Quaternary paleontology and paleoclimate. Her interest on Quaternary science has led her to work on Young Toba Tuff tephrology as well as tephrochronology.