Are you passionate about nature and conservation? 

Do you enjoy movie-making?

The Hornbill Awards 2021 - call to interns

Here is a fabulous opportunity to bring your 2 passions together and help an NGO win The Hornbill Award and the prize money to fund their biodiversity conservation project.


You will be partnered with one of 6 NGO finalists to help them create a 3-minute video presentation to bring their proposed project to life through visuals and impactful story telling.  Timeline: 21st August – 17th September, 2021. 


Your video will represent 20% of the score in judging the NGO’s project proposal.  Your video will be screened during the climax of The Hornbill Award at The Climate Week New York 2021 on September 26th 2021, and will be shared via social media in the week leading up to this final event.

In participating:

  • You will receive a letter of commendation from Climate Governance Malaysia for your contribution to the success of the inaugural Hornbill Award

  • You will be learning from the NGO, and enhancing your knowledge about sustainability

  • You will be contributing to the biodiversity conservation efforts of a worthy project in Malaysia.

There are no losers – even the NGOs who do not win will benefit from this unique opportunity to showcase their project on a global platform, which we expect will inspire support from corporate and other donors to mobilise their project.

  • You will strengthen your resume with this value-add contribution, which will enhance your marketability in both your personal and professional pursuits.