Dr Serina Rahman

Founder and Principal Advisor

Kelab Alami Tanjung Kupang

Dr Serina Rahman is a Visiting Fellow at the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute, where she examines issues of (un)sustainable development, rural politics and political ecology through the lens of environmental anthropology and ethnography. Trained as a conservation scientist, her practice is in community empowerment, citizen science and environmental education for coastal habitat conservation.

She is the co-founder of Kelab Alami, a community organisation that has worked since 2008 to enable a fishing community in southwest Johor to participate in and benefit from unavoidable surrounding development and urbanisation.

Dr Serina is also Adjunct Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore where she teaches Environmental Politics under the Department of Southeast Asian Studies, and is Malaysia’s Ambassador for Citizen Science Asia. She is an Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Award Winner for Environmental Protection (2014) and has numerous academic, institutional and other publications under her varied fields of research.

Contact Dr Serina to learn more about:

  • Effective and impactful CSR with local communities / for the environment.

  • Effective engagement with marine communities (human & floral/faunal) for conservation.

  • Community-led, multi-stakeholder habitat management.

  • Climate change impacts on Malaysian fishing communities.

  • Community empowerment for habitat conservation.

  • Citizen science and environmental education for habitat conservation

  • Community impacts of large-scale development.