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Dr Felicity Oram

Director - Orang JUGA

Dr Felicity Oram is a behavioural ecologist and conservation practitioner specialising in primates living in human-transformed environments. As Project Director of PONGO Alliance - Kinabatangan, she worked with oil palm growers to facilitate wild orang utan conservation in Eastern Sabah. Felicity continues to work collaboratively with communities, industry, government, and non–governmental agencies to build co-existence with orang utans and other wildlife in mixed-use landscapes. She has a PhD in Ecological Processes from Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Her PhD work in collaboration with the HUTAN – Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Programme (KOCP) produced the first comprehensive assessment of wild orang utan survivorship in the degraded forests of the Kinabatangan River floodplain. She is a founding member of the IUCN Primate Specialist Group, Section on Human-Primate Interactions, and a member of the IUCN Primate Specialist Group on Great Apes. Felicity is committed to developing local researcher capacity and outreach that reaches across sectors to improve conservation outcomes.


Contact Dr Felicity to learn more about:

  • Orangutans and oil palm – Is Co-existence possible?

  • What does Co-existence with wildlife actually mean and What does it take?

  • Why wild wildlife Is necessary.

  • Growing up orangutan – the world’s super Mum’s.

  • What’s the difference between a wild orangutan and a rehabilitant?

  • Differences in the rural vs. urban point of view about wildlife.

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