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Balu Perumal

Head of Conservation

Malaysian Nature Society

Mr. Balu Perumal is the head of conservation at the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), the oldest conservation NGO in the country.

He has more than 30 years of professional experience in natural resources management and environmental conservation. Prior to joining MNS in 2012, he had experience working with three other E-NGOs in Malaysia; WWF Malaysia, Wetlands International and Global Environment Centre.

As a result, Mr. Perumal has been involved in practically all aspects of conservation projects and programmes, both at the field and policy level. A key focus of his work has been capacity and institutional development of government agencies and stakeholders in environmental and biodiversity management; this included substantial work on facilitating the integration of biodiversity conservation issues into policies and implementation in a range of different sectors (i.e. forestry, agriculture, water, land use, tourism, etc.).

Contact Balu to learn more about:

  • Biodiversity monitoring, mapping and data management

  • Environmental and social impact assessment

  • Ecosystem level planning for critical ecosystems such as wetlands and mountains

  • Co-management arrangements in relation to protected areas and other natural resource management programme

  • Restoration and rehabilitation of natural habitats with local government agencies and CSR community

  • Forest carbon projects VCS & REDD plus

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